Nick Schermer

Version 4.10.0

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Februari 2010

I. Fundamentals
Version Information — Information about the panel version in use.
Standard Enumerations — Standard enumerations used by the Xfce Panel.
Commonly used plugin macros — Various macros to make life easier for plugin developers.
II. Panel Plugins
XfcePanelPlugin — Interface for panel plugins
Panel Plugin Register Macros — Register panel plugins that are compiled as modules.
Panel Plugin Register Macros (4.6 Style) — The 4.6 way of registering plugins that compiled as executables
GObject Oriented Panel Plugin Registers Macros — Macros to register panel plugins, written as GObjects.
III. Additional Widgets
XfceArrowButton — Toggle button with arrow
XfceHVBox — Container widget with configurable orientation
XfcePanelImage — Scalable image suitable for panel plugins
IV. Miscelleanous
Convenience Functions — Special purpose widgets and utilities
Index of all symbols
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 4.8
Index of new symbols in 4.6